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Wanted in trade. Silver, Silver coins, Sterling silver or gold jewelry.
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Gorgeous 2-Toned "Gold on Silver Coin" Ball Markers

    Each one of these real coins from around the World is first layered in pure Bright Silver. Then the figure of each coin is highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this gold work is done by hand). This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coins into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear, in a clear hard acrylic coating. Each coin is then turned into a beautiful golf Ball marker that is held onto an antique gold hat clip with the strongest of magnets available. For that golfer that has almost everything. These can also be clipped onto your belt. The perfect gift for that special man or woman.

enlarge 103W-HC   British ½ penny “Gold & silver Sailing ship” (U.S. quarter size)   $68.95

108W-HC   Mexican 10 centavo “Gold & silver Eagle” (quarter size)   $72.95 enlarge

enlarge 115W-HC   Irish ½ penny “Gold & silver Harp” (quarter size)   $66.95

122W-HC   Papa New Guinea 1 toea “Gold & silver Butterfly” (Dime size)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge 126W-HC   Polish 5 zlotych “Gold & silver Eagle” (quarter size)   $63.95

129W-HC   German 1 mark “Gold & silver Eagle” (quarter size)   $68.95 enlarge

enlarge 130W-HC   Trinidad & Tobago 1 cent “Gold & silver Hummingbird” (U.S. dime size)   $69.95

132W-HC   Cook Islands 5 cent “White Hibiscus” (penny size)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge 137W-HC   Bermuda 5 cent “Gold & silver Angel fish” (nickel size)   $55.95

138W-HC   Singapore 10 cent “Gold & silver Sea Horse” (U.S. dime size)   $64.95 enlarge

enlarge 139W-HC   Spanish 50 centimes “Gold & silver Anchor & Ships Wheel” (a little smaller than a nickel)   $63.95

147W-HC   Cyprus 5 Mils “Gold & silver Viking Ship” (quarter size)   $64.95 enlarge

enlarge 161W-HC   Guernsey penny "Crab" (nickel size)   $62.95

163W-HC   Polish 5 groszy “Gold & silver Eagle with Crown” (penny size)   $66.95 enlarge

enlarge 18W-HC   Mercury silver dime “Gold & silver bust” (minted 1916 - 1945)   $62.95

4W-HC   Indian head penny “Gold & silver bust” (minted 1859 - 1909)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge 6W-HC   Indian head nickel “Gold & silver bust” (minted 1913 - !938)   $59.95

HC-102   Iceland 5 kronur “Dolphins” (U.S. quartet size)   $53.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-103   British ½ penny “Sailing ship” (U.S. quarter size)   $59.95

HC-105   Bahamas 25 cent “Sail boat” ( quarter size)   $52.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-108   Mexican 10 centavo “Eagle” (quarter size)   $63.95

HC-112   Canadian 10 cent “Bluenose sail boat”   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-113   Bahamas 15 cent “Hibiscus” (a little bigger than a U.S. nickel)   $69.95

HC-114   So. African ½ penny “Sailing ship” (quarter size)   $61.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-115   Irish ½ penny “Harp” (quarter size)   $56.95

HC-116   Cayman Islands 25 cent “Sail boat” (quarter size)   $55.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-121   India 1 pice “Horse” (nickel size)   $47.95

HC-122   Papa New Guinea 1 toea “Butterfly” (Dime size)   $48.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-123   Ethiopia 25 cent "Lion" (U.S. nickel size)   $55.95

HC-124   Uruguay 10 centesimal “Horse“ (penny size)   $47.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-125   Philippines 25 sentimos “Butterfly“ (Nickel size   $52.95

HC-126   Polish 5 zlotych “Eagle” (quarter size)   $54.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-129   German 1 mark “Eagle” (quarter size)   $59.95

HC-130   Trinidad & Tobago 1 cent “Hummingbird” (U.S. dime size)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-132   Cook Islands 5 cent “Hibiscus” (penny size)   $48.95

HC-137   Bermuda 5 cent “Angel fish” (nickel size)   $47.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-138   Singapore 10 cent “Sea Horse” (dime size)   $54.95

HC-139   Spanish 50 centimes “Anchor & Ships Wheel” (a little smaller than a nickel)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-147   Cyprus 5 Mils “Viking Ship” (quarter size)   $59.95

HC-150   Irish ½ penny “Pig & piglets” (U.S. quarter size)   $51.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-153   Bahamas 1 cent “Star fish” (a little bigger than a nickel) minted 1966 -69,   $53.95

HC-154   Bahamas 10 cent “Bone fish” (quarter size)   $57.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-155   Canadian Centennial 5 cent “Rabbit” (nickel size)   $49.95

HC-156   Canadian penny “Maple leaf”   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-157   Canadian nickel “Beaver”   $49.95

HC-159   Singapore 20 cent “Sword fish” (quarter size)   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-160   Iceland 1 krona “Cod fish” (nickel size)   $49.95

HC-161   Guernsey penny “Crab” (nickel size)   $55.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-162   Iceland 50 aurar “Shrimp” (penny size)   $56.95

HC-163   Polish 5 groszy “Eagle with Crown” (penny size)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-170   Israel ½ Lirah “Menorah” (U.S. quarter size)   $65.95

HC-175   St. Helena Island Penny (Tuna fish) (a little smaller then a nickel)   $48.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-177   Ireland 3 pence (Rabbit) (same size as a U.S. dime)   $49.95

HC-178   Cayman Is. 10 cent “Turtle” (a little smaller than a U.S. nickel)   $57.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-18   Mercury silver dime (minted 1916 - 1945)   $56.95

HC-185   Tanzania 5 Sentia “Swordfish” (a little smaller than a U.S. quarter)   $51.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-186   Barbados 5 cent “Light house” (a little smaller than a U.S. nickel)   $63.95

HC-187   Cape Verde 1 escudos “Sea Turtle” (same size as a U.S. dime)   $51.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-191   Israel 10 Agorot “Menorah “ (U.S. nickel size)   $62.95

HC-192   Somalia 10 Shillings Year of the snake “Snake and word snake in gold” (a little bigger than a U.S. quarter)   $59.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-196   Bahamas 15 cent “White Hibiscus” (a little bigger than a U.S. nickel)   $74.95

HC-4   Indian head penny (minted 1859 - 1909)   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-6   Indian head nickel (minted 1913 - !938)   $49.95

HC-8   Buffalo nickel (minted 1913 - 1938)   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-90   New Jefferson nickel “Peace Medal” (2004)   $49.95

HC-91   New Jefferson nickel “Keelboat” (2004)   $49.95 enlarge

enlarge HC-92   New Jefferson nickel “Bison“ (2005)   $49.95

Tx.28-HC   This is a Texas state quarter. All states will be the same price. Please go to the State quarter page to see the pictures of all of the other Statehood quarters   $54.95 enlarge

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